Friday, 3 August 2012

Day 5: Dog Tired by Anna Woodman

On awakening at altitude our O2 sats and AMS (acute mountain sickness) scores were taken and found to be showing effects of 3500m. Breakfast was a luxury of bread, cereal, yoghurt, cheese & cocoa tea which was enjoyed by all. At 9am we set out on a gentle walk down the valley from Putre, where we were joined by a new team member - Steve, the dog. With sand under foot and the sun beaming down, we admired the scenary, without a single cloud in the sky. After approximately 6km we found shade beside rock paintings, but unfortunately had to turn back due to a landslide, despite no recorded rainfall in the desert. The walk back up the valley was accompanied by Steve who chased the local livestock and rounded up the team. We were met by a stampeed of cows and hopped over a wall before returning back to the town. The afternoon's events included resting for many however other activities included the fight to fit Yeti gaiters to boots, a lesson in rugby and ongoing research testing. Dinner was once again a delicious three course meal, next to the open fire. With full bellies and glowing cheeks, we headed to bed before 9pm. Good night & good luck to those who get their exam results in the morning.

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