Monday, 27 August 2012

Day 12 – “A holiday – day at the lakes and sink or swim at the Hostel” by Mari Roberts

Day 12 started with a much appreciated lie-in and late breakfast. With most people’s legs feeling the effects of yesterday’s big climb – a gentle walk to the lakes was planned. Most of the gang took this option whilst a small number decided to stay behind and do some washing!! Missing their mothers, no doubt! Half the ‘lakes’ group headed off with Carlos, choosing an undulating route which allowed us our first glimpse of Sajama. Carlos proved to himself, yet again to be an ‘exceptional’ guide by getting us lost! Navigation along the clearly marked path was handed onto Paul who led the group to a beautiful lakeside beach for lunch. The other ‘lakes’ group chose the flat more direct route and soon joined us for some chilled out holiday beach time. So that I add a little detail to this diary – the name of the lakes was “Hagunas Cotacotan” part of “Reservon de la Biosfera Lalica.” From our beach, many went for a further walk to explore the lakes, others enjoyed some bouldering whilst the remainder (incl myself) messed around the beach getting some great jumping pics, and sand in every orifice (ask Jen for further details of orfices!) After returning to the hostel and de-sanding we all got together for a rope skills session. I think it is fair to say that the majority of us started to feel quite apprehensive about Mount Sajama. At dinner Rich D gave us the low down on the catalogue of events that had occurred at the hostel. First of all the copious amounts of clothes washing that we had been doing over the last few days had blocked the sinks. Then in an attempt to get a warm shower a certain boy was informed that if the cold sink tap water was left running then the shower would run hot. Of course doing this with a blocked sink resulted in flood carnage. To complete the trio of disasters - probably the gentlest man on the trip managed to break the glass on the dinner table top with his cup. A freak accident that ended up in us paying 40,000 pesos. It is clear that the owners cannot wait to see the back of us! A game of cards cheered us up before bed. Bolivia tomorrow!!

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