Monday, 12 March 2012

Expedition Altiplano 2012 is a medical research venture led by the Swansea University Wilderness Medicine Society (SWMS) in collaboration with world renowned high altitude physiologist Professor Damien Bailey of the University of Glamorgan. It follows a very successful SWMS expedition to Mount Elbrus, Russia in 2008, which will soon have its research published in Stroke. This latest expedition is led by Naomi Dodds, President of SWMS, and leader of multiple expeditions with Leading Edge Expeditions Ltd.

Aim: To carry out research at high altitude and to summit some of the Andes highest peaks.

• To conduct publishable research on the effect of hypoxia at high altitude
on the human body.
• To summit various acclimatisation peaks near Putre and Parinacota.
• To climb Sajama (6542m), Bolivia’s highest peak.

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